Heritage selection

  • Brown with colour stripes 100% Wool-linen Johanna Gullichsen fabric Estimated size 44 Waist 84 cm, Length 78 cm 2nd hand/ Original price 430e Skirt made out of a single piece of fabric, turning the stripes horizontally, Button pression
  • Heritage-ANNARUOHONEN-Bolerolinenviscosejacket Heritage-ANNARUOHONEN-Bolerolinenviscosejacket
    Kyoto red Linen viscose Estimated size 38-40 Bust 96 cm, Waist 84 cm, Hips 94 cm, Lenght 55-60cm, sleeves 55cm 2nd hand/ Original price 430e Short bolero jacket with band fastening
  • Brushed linen dress 38 Heritage-ANNARUOHONEN-brushedlinendress
    Red-violet 100% linen Fabric created by Daniel Henry Estimated size 38 bust 88cm, waist 90 cm, hips 98cm, length 95cm) 2nd hand/ Original price 480e Non lined brushed knitted linen dress  
  • Grey 100% Wool-cotton Estimated size M Bust 100 cm, Lenght 88 cm 2nd hand/ Original price 520e Handknitted jacket in wool and cotton treats, press buttons
  • Blue 100% silk satin Estimated 36-38 (French) Bust 84 cm, waist 88 cm, Lenght 84cm 2nd hand /Original price 540e Tunika like wide silk dress as a version of  classic cut; ANNA RUOHONEN One piece models  
  • Black 100% wool Estimated size 40-42 (French) Bust 102 cm, Waist 82 cm, Hip 96 cm, Lenght 53 cm 2nd hand/Original price 560e Wool short jacket with silk satin frill at front bordering. Attachment with ribbon, Lined
  • Paysanne dress 38 Paysanne dress 38
    Black-Grey 100% wool+ 100% silk Estimated size 38 Bust 88 cm, Waist 80 cm, Hip 98 cm, length 114cm 2nd hand/ Original price 580e Paysanne dress is one of the first dresses design by ANNA RUOHONEN, more than 20 years ago, a strong classic. Simple front silhouette, astonishing back effect with a ribbon gathered skirt, like the one that the peasants used to have. Sleaves in dark grey silk.
  • Brown with grey detail 100% wool jersey Estimated size M-L Bust 110 cm, Waist 108 cm, Lenght 67 cm 2nd hand/ Original price 580e An easy piece in high-quality woollen jersey, buttons. Unisex.
  • Tutu dress 44

    Red 100% Cotton Size estimation 44 (French) Bust 100cm, waist 86cm, total length 98cm 2nd hand /Original price 590e Tutu dress in a summer classic; 100% cotton batiste in 2 layers at the top part, 3m of ruffled cotton in a flounce at the bottom.  
  • Black 100% soft silk Estimated size 42-44 Bust 94 cm, Waist 94 cm, Hip 106 cm, length 93 cm 2nd hand/ original price 720e Enveloping dress from luxurious soft silk, the perfect little black dress. Made out of one piece of fabric with no side seams.  
  • Cashmere coat 38 Cashmere coat 38

    Brown grey

    100% wool cashmere

    Estimated size 38

    Bust 96 cm, Waist 86 cm, Hip 124 cm, Lenght 92 cm

    2nd hand/ Original price 820e

    A-lined woolen cashmere coat, lined