Photos: Victor Matussiere, Studio Matussiere

ANNA RUOHONEN Paris-Made to order- London Coat


London Coat, wool Alpaca 860 €

Essential dress, 100% silk 650 €




Our beautiful English reporter Joanna walking her wonderful dogs in ANNA RUOHONEN London coat in the streets of Marais. Oversize coat is made out of Austrian Wool Alpaca. Matching dress in crêpe wool from Italy, the very Essential dress of your wardrobe.


Recent creations
Recent creations



Joanna is wearing silk skirt in luxurious brushed silk together with acetate silk scarf shirt. Combined with Japanese silk coat all in soft beige, rosewood and burgundy colors.

All pieces are made in France in our atelier and on-demand only. Several color options available for all pieces.


Scarf shirt, acetate-silk 425 €

Lux skirt, 100% silk 880 €

Japanese coat, 100% silk 1 330 €



Milano coat is covering our all the time classic, The Rosebud dress. Made out of Italian crêpe wool in this beautiful tone of stormy blue. Neckline detail in 100% silk.

Milano coat is made out of Austrian Wool Alpaca, warm, light and terribly elegant.

ANNA RUOHONEN Made to order- Milano coat with Rosebud dress
ANNA RUOHONEN-Made to order- Milano coat with Rosebud dress

Milano Coat, 50% Alpaca, 50% Wool, 880€

Rosebud dress, 100% Wool crêpe, detail 100% silk, 660€


ANNA RUOHONEN- Made to Order- Tiina's dress

Joanna in her window in Tiina’s dress and on the street together with Stella Coat made out of Heavy knit Jersey wool.

Tiina’s dress, 100% Wool crêpe, 720€

Stella Coat, 100% Wool jersey, 1050€

ANNA RUOHONEN-Made to order- Stella coat- Tiina's dress
ANNA RUOHONEN Paris- Made to order- Hollywood coat


Hollywood Coat

50% Alpaca 50% Wool, 980 €


Light and warm Hollywood coat is made out of Austrian Wool Alpaca. High collar warms you on a chilly winter weather.

Coat can be ordered in three different colors; grey, blue and burgundy.

ANNA RUOHONEN Made to order- Hollywood Coat

Photos: Karoliina Jääskeläinen/ Valoon photography

Recent creations





Shiny silk satin and crispy crêpe wool make interesting material contrasts in tones of elegant greys.

All pieces are made in France in our atelier and on-demand only. Several colour options available for all pieces.


Best top, 100% silk 650 €

Silk jogging pants, 100% silk 590 €

Stella Coat, 100% wool jersey 1050 €

Recent creations
Aira's dress-ANNA RUOHONEN-Made-to-order

Aira’s dress

100% Viscose crêpe

640 €

Colours: Burned orange, Blue grey and Marin navy


Elegant Aira’s dress is inspired by ANNA RUOHONEN’s mother’s wedding dress picture. Silhouette and material from good old times.

Aira’s dress has fine, carefully studied lines, structured by heavy viscose crêpe; Couture at it’s best.

Aira's dress-ANNARUOHONEN-Made-to-order 2
Recent creations

ANNA RUOHONEN  combines lavender and burned orange; Colection is full of colours and elegant surprises.

Claire’s shirt, 100% wool 410 € / Carol skirt, 100% acetate 430 €

Recent creations
Recent creations

Lavendel is a new colour in ANNA RUOHONEN’S colour card. The elegant tone in crispy Italian wool crêpe. Made to order concepts offers multiple colour options and materials in the same model.

Tiina’s scarf dress, 100% 730 €

Laura is wearing a silk jersey top together with a long soft woollen jacket and wide-cut trousers made of cool wool. Elegant and cosy outfit for home and work.

Apero top, 100% silk jersey 280 €

Long scarf bolero, 100% wool jersey 680€

Elegant trousers, 100% cool wool 460 €

Recent creations
Recent creations
Recent creations

ANNA RUOHONEN Collection offers blue tones from light baby blue to deep marine tones. Elegant shirt with sensual details in light silk crêpe together with a mid-length pencil skirt in heavy Italian viscose.

Delicate shirt, 100% silk 560 €

Pencil skirt, 100% viscose 395 €

Recent creations
Recent creations

Mohair is the seasons warmer; elegant, natural and ultra-light. Tones of petrol blue are extending the blue colour card mixing with grey tones.

Laura is wearing under the short mohair coat a ruffle neck silk acetate shirt with straight wool trousers. All made in France and made to order only.

Rosebud shirt, Acetate-Silk, 420 €

Coco jacket, Mohair, 780 €

Cigarette trousers, 100% wool, 595 €

Recent creations
Recent creations

Mohair coat Robe du Chambre

Mohair, wool, PE.

1300 €

Five o’clock dress

100% Silk

760 €

Anna Ruohonen Mohair coat RED
Anna Ruohonen Mohair coat Red



Amazing red autumn colour is at it’s best in this voluminous long mohair coat with a scarf-like collar. Mohair comes from the fields of Scotland. Mohair is natures choice; naturally, light and warm and adapts to different weather conditions. Anna Ruohonen offers to her clients a large colour range.



Long Mohair Coat

Wool, Mohair, PE