AR31 Work dress- Warm grey- AR by ANNA RUOHONEN

This piece is the latest addition to our AR by ANNA RUOHONEN collection. It has been a classic piece in our made-to-order collection for years. This simple loose-fit, straight-lined dress has been one of the favourite pieces of our clients. Sensual opening detail at the front with a flat collar makes this a perfect dress and an essential piece to have in your wardrobe. The material is our best selling viscose crêpe that is firm yet elegant and flatters all body types. 


Pre-order 140.00 €/on delivery 140.00 €

Material: 90% Viscose, 7% PA, 3% Lycra.

Fabric and garments are manufactured in Finland.

Size from XS to XXL

Shipping: Finland: 8€, EU: 15€, Rest of Europa: 25€, rest of the world 35€.

AR31 Work dress- violet-AR by ANNA RUOHONEN
AR31 Work dress
AR31 Work dress-warm grey- AR by ANNA RUOHONEN
AR31 Work dress PRE-ORDER

Colours available:

Violet, Warm Grey, Green, Blue Grey, Blue, Black,

AR31 Work dress-green- AR by ANNA RUOHONEN
AR31 Work dress- blue grey- AR by ANNA RUOHONEN
AR31 Work dress- blue- AR by ANNA RUOHONEN
AR31 Work dress- black- AR by ANNA RUOHONEN
AR31 Work dress-measures- AR by ANNA RUOHONEN
AR31 Work dress- violet-

Size chart

​Compares to size​34​36 3840​-42 4446


Bamboo viscose is a produced from cellulose and it is manufactured with the same method as traditional viscose, but the raw material is fast growing and quickly renewing bamboo. It is very absorbent and breathable. Because of its antistatic feature and softness, it is very pleasant to use.

Bamboo is suitable for users with sensitive skin and it is non-allergenic and biodegradable.

We use small amounts of Lycra to give fabric elasticity and firmness.

Care instructions

  • Wash using gentle washing cycle, temp. max 40°C / 105°F (warm).
  • Use detergent for coloured fabrics.
  • Use of softener is not recommended, since softener may make elastane (Lycra) lose its elasticity.
  • Reshape whilst damp.
  • Warm iron.
  • Suitable for professional dry clean and wet clean with gentle cycle.