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Our Rosebud tunic is a more casual version of our classic Rosebud dress, a more loose, box-like shape. The Rosebud tunic, like the dress, has an oval neckline adorned with rough-edged, skillfully ruffled silk. This ‘signature’ detail is repeated in Anna’s collection, including in some of her silk shirts and the Tutu skirt.

The Rosebud dress originated from an idea of Anna’s daughter, Ella. While sitting with Anna on a train to the south of France, Ella (5 years old) also wanted to draw clothes just like her mother, so she designed her first model. Anna accepted her daughter’s request for a fee of three euros in exchange for the draft. Based on Ella’s sketch, Anna created the Rosebud dress, which has been included in her collection for more than fifteen years. Recently, Anna made a more casual tunic version of the staple Rosebud dress.

100% wool crêpe: Italian Wool crêpe is a perfect material for dresses, shirts, skirts, and jackets. It is a suitable material year-round, feeling cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is light, breathable, and wrinkle-free. The material moves beautifully and gives an excellent structure to the clothing. 100% silk for the detail on the collar.

38-40 size tunic measures 90cm long from shoulder line to the hem, sleeve 38cm. All measures can be adapted to fit you.

Select the color of your choice. If you wish, you can order color samples down below before finalizing your order. We will send the pieces of fabric to you via post.

Scan the Choozr application QR-code down below and send us your measurements with pictures (the pictures are essential for a more accurate size) through the app directly. For detailed instructions, click here.

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You will receive your product approximately 3 weeks after placing your order. The price indicated is guaranteed until size 46; for bigger sizes, we add 10-20% due to the extra fabric needed for the production.

The product image is in Mustard yellow.




Order your colour samples before finalizing your order from here

Remember to send us your measurement with pictures by using the TailorGuide app. We can adjust the model to your size and make it fit you perfectly.

Made-to-measure items cannot be returned nor refunded. However, we are happy to readjust the item for you.

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Baby blue-Crêpe, Black- Crêpe, Blue grey-Crêpe, Burgundy red-Crêpe, Burned orange-Crêpe, Creme white-Crêpe, Deep red-Crêpe, Emerald green-Crêpe, Forest green-Crêpe, Fuchsia-Crêpe, Green grey-Crêpe, Ink blue-Crêpe, Lavender-Crêpe, Light grey-Crêpe, Marin blue-Crêpe, Mauve-Crêpe, Mustard yellow-Crêpe, Old rose-Crêpe, Olive green-Crêpe, Petrol blue-Crêpe, Poppy red-Crêpe, Stormy blue-Crêpe, Violet-Crêpe

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